May 28. Today in history as the day he entered.

 In 1918, the bright pages in the history of the first Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

          May 28. Today in history as the day he entered. Our people are celebrating this day every year. The same day - May 28, 1918, our home for the first democratic republic in the Muslim world was created, people have been freed.
In February 1917, Russia's Czar rolled. In October, the state created by the Soviet government. Shortly thereafter left the Transcaucasian Soviet Russia, was proclaimed an independent republic. In addition, the government established the Caucasus. However, from the government of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, there was no unity among members. Therefore, soon collapsed.
          First, the Interim National Council was created. The great son of our nation elected its chairman Mammadamin Rasulzadeh. National Council on May 28, 1918 at 8 o'clock in the evening, he declared that the freedom of working in ten minutes. Azerbaijan's independence, declared the freedom of the date of this document, "Declaration of Independence" is called.
          "Declaration of Independence" in the same day - May 28, 1918, from the chops Baren was declared an independent state. Stated that the independent state of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (a republic) will be administered in the form. This meant that the men chosen by the people of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan would govern. Therefore, the independent Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (Azerbaijan Democratic Republic) was proclaimed. Democratic People's Republic of Azerbaijan in the world in a state of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (GDR) became known as.

        On April 28, 1920, the People's Republic was overthrown. The people living in an independent state failed.

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